Citrustem Stem Cells in Estilad Cosmetics

As skin ages, collagen and elastin fibers, that form the extracellular network, become disordered, unstructured and sparse. The dermis loses density and skin shows aging signs:

The skin elasticity decreases and wrinkles appear.

The microrelief structure becomes more anisotropic resulting in a loss of softness and velvety touch.

Keeping the skin inner structure organized is essential for a younger looking skin.

An exciting area of advanced cosmetic ingredients are plant stem cells which are undifferentiated cells

Citrustem™ (Citrus aurantium stem cell extract) is an orange stem cell which is a rich source of effective antioxidants, such as neohesperidin and naringin.

Citrustem™ helps to:

  • Organize and redensify the dermal structure
  • Restore the extracellular network improving cells adhesion
  • Recover the quality of youthful skin

Under the cell extract treatment, the synthesis of collagen and other key elements of the extracellular matrix grow.

In a clinical study, a group of 20 women between 41 and 55 years old applied a 3% formula of Citrustem™ twice a day for 56 days against a placebo formula. After this period, they observed, among other benefits, a 17.5% increase in skin elasticity.

Citrustem™ stem cells are included in Estilad™ Anti-aging Stem Cell Serum, Eye Contour, Skin Booster Stem Cell Serum and Moisturising Stem Cell Serum.