Revitalizing and Filling

Eslilad® family of products is a collection of injectable dermal fillers that are used to treat signs of aging. The use of hyaluronic acid in aesthetic medicine has been in the public domain since at least 1996 and several companies particularly in recent years, have introduced a multitude of products using increasingly advanced technology thus guaranteeing medical operators increasingly satisfying revitalization and filling treatment.

Estilad® dermal fillers are designed to correct age related volume loss and to smooth aging lines and wrinkles using cross linked hyaluronic acid. An injectable gel with a unique design close the natural hyaluronic acid found in the skin. It is a key component in hydrating the skin, shaping and counteracting facial, and body features, smoothing lines and wrinkles and restoring and adding volume.

Estilad® is manufactured by Celiraz international-(Vancouver BC-Canada) committed to providing safe and effective immediate results. The Estilad® family offers a complete dermal range, customized to meet the needs of the physician and the patient.