Regulatory Compliance

Celiraz Regulatory Team provide the experience and expertise needed to bring cosmetic and medical products to the market in today’s global world.

We stay abreast of the evolving industry and global regulations to ensure compliance for our partners and clients.

Our uncompromising commitment to quality ensures that the formulas we develop and the solutions we manufacture are robust and will either meet or exceed regulatory requirements.

Celiraz in-house Quality Assurance and Analytical Laboratories engage in:

• Validated stability protocol for Celiraz developed formulas
• cGMP R&D Laboratories to support small scale lab/pilot manufacturing
• cGMP pilot facilities to ensure reproducibility




• General physical property testing
• Stability programme management
• Validated processes and methods to ensure reproducibility
• Stability testing
• Microbial testing


• Database management of customer specific ingredient restrictions
• Formula compliance and documentation
• EU and other country specific dossier preparation
• Full compliance with European Cosmetic Product Regulations