DCFR is a sterile, professional treatment solution indicated for localised adiposity beneath the chin.

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DCFR is a sterile treatment solution that reduces adiposity beneath the chin whilst simultaneously firming the skin.

DCFR contains potent natural lipolytic extract which has the ability to break the bonds in fat cells. The combined action of L-Carnitine, Caffeine and extracts of Artichoke, Melilotus, Horse Chestnut, Ivy, Camellia Sinensis and Horsetail, complement the soluble action of fat. The ingredients DMAE and Organic Silanol helps to reaffirm the skin beneath the chin in an immediate and progressive way.

L-Carnitine acts as a physiological carrier, transporting fatty acid across the mitochondrial membrane for oxidation.

Caffeine acts directly on adipose cells, promoting lipolysis, inhibiting phosphodiesterase, and thus augmenting cyclic AMP. It activates the triglyceride lipase enzyme and breaks down triglycerides into free acids and glycerol. Caffeine also has a stimulating effect on the cutaneous microcirculation.

Artichoke extract (Cynara Scolymus Leaf Extract) stimulates lipolysis by encouraging the synthesis of coenzymes involved in anabolic processes. It also has a choleretic effect, increasing bile secretion and affecting the glycogenic function of the liver. In addition, Artichoke extract positively impacts on kidney and urea metabolism.

Melilotus (sweet clover), Horse Chestnut, Ivy and Camellia Sinensis improve microcirculation, reducing oedema, and stimulating fat cell metabolism.

DMAE (Dimethylaminoethanol) is a precursor to acetylcholine, which acts to stabilise and protect the cell membrane. Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter with a role in increasing muscle tone, strengthening and lifting ageing and flaccid skin.

Organic Silanol restructures underlying tissue, providing strength, flexibility and resilience to collagen and elastin tissues and so tightening and toning skin.

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Vial 10 ml, 0.176, Box of 5 vials, Mesotherapy and microneedling serum


Bio-revitalization, Firming, Brightening.


Apply on clean and dry body skin and massage in until completely absorbed, or via virtual meso, skin needling, transdermal techniques.


Hyaluronic acid Cube 3, 4 Peptides, 12 Vitamins, 24 Amino Acids, 5 Minerals and coenzymes.


Sterile professional solution, WFI and Osmolarity Balanced.