Whitening Cream

Whitening Cream is formulated with Chromabright ® which inhibits tyrosinase activity. To achieve an immediate effects on skin tone, whitening Cream includes so–called interference pigments which are microscopic mirrors that are distributed on the surface of the skin when the cream is applied. When light strikes them, they act by diffusing it, reflecting it in different directions, which allows to confer a greater Luminosity to the skin and uniformity in its tone.

The color of our skin is mainly determined by the amount, distribution and type of melanin. During intrinsic ageing and photoaging, pigmentation changes occur due to the abnormal accumulation of melanin, or by acute or persistent exposure to U.V radiation, hyperpigmentation occurs (melisma, freckles and spots).

CHROMABRIGHT ® is a new patented molecule, designed for whitening the skin and fulfilling all the desired qualities in bleaching agent.
-Inhibits human tyrosinase activity ( in vitro).
-Greater inhibition of melanogenesis than Arbutin, MAP and Kojic Acid.
-Depigmenting activity similar to Hydroquinone without toxicity.
-Excellent stability in formulations.
-Impeccable toxicological file.
-Not photosensitive
-Photo protective action. Its depigmenting activity has been demonstrated in vivo and in vitro assays